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The main objectives of R&D Wing include: To identify areas where research evidence could make the most difference. To ensure that existing research facilities are used optimally. To facilitate quality research & consultancy in novel areas.

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Non-Invasive Medical Diagnosis (NIMD)


The continuous increasing rate of patients suffering from different diseases worldwide requires the adoption of novel techniques for non-invasive early diagnosis, and monitoring of the diseases. There is an urgent need for the development of new techniques for screening, diagnosis in the earlier stages, and intraoperative surgical guidance. Non-invasive medical diagnosis has to be the path-breaking innovation in this field..



As any data professional in healthcare will tell you, there’s a big difference between implementing a robust informatics program and simply hoarding data with no design for implementation of that data in care delivery. This latter kind of data accumulation and storage is characterized by conventional filing systems that organize paper documents, an organizational strategy that usually led to proprietary systems that prioritized fast access to key information. But these paper files could be unwieldy and difficult to standardize. As digital storage became more prominent and accessible, the amount of data that could be stored within these systems also increased. With this increase comes the temptation to save absolutely everything, which leads to shoddy information storage with little hope of retrieving appropriate information at the right time. .

Wireless Body Sensor


Wireless body sensor network (WBSN) technologies are considered one of attracting research areas in computer science. When combined with the healthcare application, it provides high value technology of comprehensive healthcare monitoring solution in extreme situations including high altitude or disaster area enabling the ground controller to monitor remote pilots or earthquake victims in real time by combination of wireless sensors and sensor networks. Sensor networks are irregular clusters of communicating sensor nodes, which collect and process information from onboard sensors, and they can share some of this information with neighboring nodes. By recent technological advances in the integration of ultra-low-power networks of miniatured sensors, embedded microcontrollers, and radio interfaces on an all-in-one chip can collect important physiologic information from the surrounding environment efficiently. In addition, the sensed physiological data transmitted to a remote healthcare provider can be modulated and fed back by processing software such as artificial intelligence system enriching the capability of the sensor network. Our research team have been trying to implement a new methodology in the medical field which has provided tools to help doctors reach medical diagnoses non-invasively. While these tools will have been successfully used and will implement to detect and identify certain diseases, many conditions are diagnosed using methods with optimum level of accuracy, especially in the early stages of their development. Thus, most of the diseases can be cured, there remains a need for the devices that target these facets to provide early diagnosis and analysis for each patient that is altogether more cost-effective, accurate, and non-invasive. .

Self Charging Hybrid Electric Car


Yes, we have been in a technical era. The automation industries are growing all around the world with new innovations. By considering the oath "let us not considering this planet for granted" we are contributing our innovative thoughts to transportation and automobiles. Yes, we have clean green technology to drive wheels. The specially designed concept will power the futuristic cars with not frequent charging is necessary. .

Renewable Energy Harvesting


The solar energy that reaches the earth exceeds by far humankind’s needs and other energy sources at ground level, such as geothermic or tidal energy, nuclear power, and fossil fuels. Solar energy is a renewable and sustainable form of energy. Solar irradiance includes infrared radiation and thus provides adequate energy to operate solar thermal technologies requiring reduced solar energy. Thus, many regions of the world have enough solar irradiance to utilize solar heating and cooling technologies. Technologies requiring higher irradiation are suitable for these regions, providing significant utilization potential for both solar heating/cooling applications and solar electricity through concentrating solar power and photovoltaics. .

Adaptive Home Automation


Since the common home automation systems just start to integrate at least facial recognition in their solutions, Adaptive Home Automation goes one step further. The system’s ability also to recognize the amount of power-consuming for each device, the ability to adapt the switching on and switching off to each system, the position of its users inside the house makes it possible to grant individual access rights to every device and for every user. .

Mind Controlled Automation


With the growing dependence of mankind on the use of different electronic devices in day-to-day life, man wants to have easy handling to these electronic devices and the easiest one is the possible brain wave command to electronic devices. Users want electronic devices to work through the control of brain waves without even using hands. Scientists and engineers are working to make this happen and great advances have been achieved towards brain-computer interface or controlling electronic devices with brain waves. Forget about keyboard, mouse, touchscreens, or even voice recognition: the real dream is thinking about what we want our electronic gadget to do. .


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