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// David OLUSIUM


We are a community of researchers, engineers, artists, scientists, designers, makers, doctors, and more. The one thing we all have in common is We share an unfaltering passion for harnessing the newest and latest technology to humankind. As our community continues to grow, so does increase the range of possibilities of what we can discover and create.

Future Solution stands for futuristic advanced technologies. We provide anyone with the latest technologies to ease their life's activity. Our versatile and affordable technologies and systems can be used to make the newest gadgets using various technologies - brain-computer interface, noninvasive disease diagnosis, energy harvesting, biomedical signal processing, control system, and more.

The biggest challenges we face in understanding what makes us who we are will not be solved by a single company, an institution, or even an entire field of science. These discoveries will only and should only be made through an open forum of shared knowledge and concerted effort, by people from a variety of backgrounds.

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